Wayback Machine web recovery analysis - Mercator transformation to Albany Shipping
An initial look at the web history of Mecator and Albany Shipping highlights a transition of the marketing and promotion of services from Mercator to Albany Shipping.
Key notes
  • Phoenixing - Flags the possibility of corporate Phoenixing (especially considering it was Customs & Excise who petitioned Mercator into liquidation)
  • Relationship - What is the relationship between Seaborne and Albany Shipping? As there are overlapping stakeholders.
  • Representations - When queried as to Albany Shipping negligible reporting of income and operations;
    • Sharp has been quoted as saying that when the Seaborne opportunity came along he moved his focus to Seaborne and Albany Shipping became dormant [to be properly referenced].
    • This appears to be inconsistent with the Sep/Oct 2018 Companies House Filings (for Albany Shipping) which is when Raincock and Jones were appointed to the board and became shareholders. Which is well after Seaborne was incorporated.
    • Is Albany Shipping engaged by Seaborne to help facilitate securing and financing the required vessels?