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Idea - PSP Company

Global payment systems, transfers, deposits, multicurrency-cryptocurrency cards, with reference to the phone number and account. Remote account opening. Legal and physical persons. Ready-made solutions! Specialists! Experience! The bulk of the work to create the site is done! Details at the meeting.
Current state

At the moment there are:
1. Rented and equipped office in Cyprus.
2. There is trained staff.
3. There is licensed banking software. Close relationships with developers. 24/7 technical support.
4. A licensed AML module is installed in banking software
5. There are sites.
6. An online auction has been developed and tested.
7. There is a regulated trust company.
8. A company with an offshore banking license.
9. A Cyprus company that allows you to have a financial office in Cyprus.
10. Trust company accounts in Worldclear's PSP.
11. Offshore bank accounts with Euro Exim Bank ltd.
12. An agreement with WaveCrest Holdings ltd for the issuance of prepaid MasterCard cards.
13. The program for the implementation of virtual bitcoin cards.
14. Corporate account on the Exmo exchange.
15. Corporate account at Bitwala.
16. Corporate account at Bitpay.
17. Arrangement for registration of a PSP company in Georgia.
18. Arrangement for additional services for the PSP company.
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Project goal
Organization of a service for paying for goods and services using Bitcoin
Necessary measures:
1. Cash flow logistics
2. Acquiring:
• Creation of merchant accounts for accepting payments to Bitcoin
• POS terminals for accepting payments to Bitcoin
• ATM for operations with Bitcoin
3. Issuing cards for settlements in Bitcoin
4. Service promotion
Stages of the project
To implement the project, the following activities are expected:
1. Reconstruction of the site designed for gift and security cards
2. Making changes to the banking e software
3. Cash flow logistics organizations
4. Negotiating with potential customers who want to arrange payment for goods and services in Bitcoin
5. Consulting on the legal conditions for the operation of the service
6. Concluding contracts with customers who want to arrange payment for goods and services in Bitcoin
7. Acquiring POS terminals and their firmware
8. Issuing POS terminals to customers who wish to arrange payment for goods and services in Bitcoin
9. Issuing cards
10. Promotion of the service
Potential customers

Potential customers for the operation of the service can but conditionally divided into three categories:
1. Financial companies:
  • micro-financial organizations
  • credit and consumer cooperatives
  • pawnshops
2. Sellers of goods:
  • • retailers of goods
  • • wholesalers of goods
  • • online stores
  • • restaurateurs
  • • network companies
  • • fuel companies
3. Service providers:
  • • companies providing transportation services
  • • Internet service providers
  • • Software developers
  • • rental
  • • hotel business
  • • ticketing
  • • repair
  • • construction

Logistics cash flow

Company cash flow of logistics must be made taking into account the turnover of the tightening of the rules in relation to the Bitcoin fiatnymi currencies, and that Bitcoin is a large volatility in relation to the fiatnym currencies.
Cash flows from Bitcoin and fiat currencies should not overlap in order to avoid sanctions from fiat currency gateways.
Correlation with a currency exchange and banking platform. A
service for paying for goods and services using Bitcoin should closely correlate with a currency exchange and banking service.
Liquidity should be supplied from as many sources as possible.
Payments in fiat currencies and transfers to MasterCard cards must be made from customer accounts in the BPO of the Service Provider.

The order of interaction of services

The service provider provides for the Seller:
• accounts in crypto and fiat currencies
• merchant account
• POS terminals
• software for ATM
The Service Provider provides for the Buyer:
• accounts in crypto and fiat currencies
• cards for
payment in Bitcoin • prepaid MasterCard cards on the
Buyer’s website dedicated to the card product or on the Provider’s website:
• opens an account
• orders cards
Buyer pays for the goods or services of the Seller using:
• transfer to the merchant account on the Seller’s website
• POS terminal at the Seller’s outlet
• Mobile POS terminal of the Seller (taxi, network marketing, outbound trading, etc.)
The service provider processes payments and accepts payment claims from the Seller and the Buyer, as well as provides access to its own cryptocurrency selling platform.

Project platforms

The project uses several platforms (sites).
  • Banking platform - the site of the Service Provider, which is not connected with cryptocurrency, but provides the service in fiat currencies.
  • Exchange platform - the site of the Service Provider, which provides cryptocurrency exchange services between verified customers.
  • Card platform - the site of the Service Provider, which provides card issuing services tied to the crypto accounts of verified users, as well as ready-made solutions for Merchants who wish to receive cryptocurrency from verified users in real time.
  • Platform personal account - the site of the Service Provider, which is the entrance to the client section for Verified Users and Sellers.
  • Back-office platform - the site of the Service Provider on which payment processing and accounting of data from Sellers and Verified Users is carried out.

Cash withdrawal to the Verified User

The Service Provider provides the service of receiving cash for the Verified User through an affiliate program with:
  • micro-financial organizations
  • credit and consumer cooperatives
  • pawnshops.
The following equipment can be used to verify the User and issue cash:
• POS-terminals;
• Automatic Cryptocurrency Purchase / Deposit Terminals (similar to ATM)
When conducting this type of operations, the Partner company independently carries out an examination and obtains permits for such types of operations.
In this case, cryptocurrency is considered as a commodity.
Instead of issuing cash, other payment methods can be used, for example:
• transfer to a bank card;
• transfer to a bank account;
• transfer to electronic wallets.
For a pawnshop, it is possible to use a short-term loan secured by cryptocurrency as a commodity. In this case, exchange rate fluctuations can be taken into account in the contract.
When making payments, an SMS-informing system is implemented, as well as e-mail messages.
Service Promotion
Service promotion is one of the main issues of the project.
Attraction of Sellers and Partners should go ahead of advertising for Users.
Prior consent and willingness to participate in the acceptance of payments, cash payments should create the necessary environment for users.
Only with the existing infrastructure will the potential User become
Problem or Opportunity

Advantages of Georgia:
  • • One of the most liberal laws on bank and electronic payments around the world, especially regarding external clients and payment flows
  • • Georgia is NOT a member of the European Union, but has adapted some parts of the European legislation and legislation, but retained its own local laws, to protect the domestic financial industry to avoid excessive regulation
  • • Georgia is a full member of MONEYVAL, which is one of the regional bodies of FATF (FSRB) and should n perform the same actions Task Force on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • • Georgian banks are the most flexible in terms of customer support, services, fees, compliance issues in the Middle East and Europe. Banks are connected to the IBAN and SWIFT networks (no intermediary banks are needed to send funds).
  • • Most private banks in Georgia are owned by German or Austrian banks or credit unions.
  • • Georgia offers even for licensed companies to stay in its Free Zone (without tax)
  • • Access to major banks, other payment providers, MasterCard and VISA Card Principal Members to be able to issue their own prepaid cards
  • • Minimum requirements for office matters, directors and employees (low running costs)
  • • Clients of your PSP facility will enjoy maximum confidentiality - exchange of data with account holders is not regulated or automated;
  • Georgia has applied to become a full member of the OECD
  • • Cryptocurrencies are not prohibited in the Republic of Georgia. The Georgian PSP license allows you to issue electronic money, cryptocurrencies, tokens and launch the Initial offer of cryptocurrency (ICO)
What PSP can do:
• Services, debiting funds from the payer's account and related operations;
• Services related to crediting funds to the beneficiary's account and related operations;
• Making payments through direct debit (including one-time orders), payment cards or any other electronic means or credit transfers (including permanent invoices) in the available or credit resources of the payment service user;
• Issuance and / or acquisition of payment instruments, including electronic monetary instruments;
• Money transfers;
• Issuance of electronic money (issuing own tokens, for example, through ICOs and exchanging fiat money for cryptocurrencies and exchanging from cryptocurrencies for money), performing payment transactions via electronic money through a mobile phone, the Internet or any other electronic device;
• Performing payment transactions based on the consent of the payer, provided through telecommunication, digital or IT devices, in favor or in favor of a telecommunication, IT system or network operator, which acts as an intermediary between the payer and the recipient as between the user and the supplier of goods or services.
What PSP cannot do:
• Payment transactions made in cash and directly between the payer and the recipient without any intermediate intervention;
• Payment transactions between the payer and the recipient through a commercial agent;
• Collection services related to the transportation of banknotes and coins, including their collection, processing and delivery;
• Cash exchange services if funds are not stored in a bank account;
• Transactions performed between participants in the payment system;
• Services performed by technical, telecommunication, digital or IT providers that technically support payment services, without the provider having acquired the funds at any time. These services include processing and storage of data, protection of confidentiality, authentication of data and objects, telecommunication or information technologies, provision and maintenance of technical devices for payment services;
• Services based on payment instruments or electronic money that can be used to purchase goods or services only at the issuer's premises or in their territory;
• Payment transactions carried out through any telecommunication, digital or IT device, where the purchased goods or services are delivered and used using the same telecommunication, digital or IT device, provided that the telecommunication, digital or IT operator does not act as intermediary between a user of a payment service and a supplier of goods or services;
• Payment operations related to servicing securities, including dividends, income or other distributions, sale and redemption of securities, carried out by a participant in the regulated securities market;
• Payments between companies within the group, carried out without the participation of a payment service. Payment service
providers are registered in accordance with the "Rule of Registration and Cancellation of Registration of a Payment Service Provider with the National Bank of Georgia", approved by the directive of the President of the National Bank of Georgia on October 12, 2012.
1. Quick change - the solution is guaranteed within 30-60 calendar days;
2. The license is issued by the National Bank of Georgia, and not by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
3. Friendly regulatory mode.
4. Low operating costs.
5. No minimum capital required.
6. Georgia belongs to the IBAN system (without intermediary banks).
Allowed activities:
• Deposit of electronic money from third parties
• Transfer of money on behalf of third parties to third parties
• Issue of debit cards / electronic money
• Providing payment services to third parties
• Opening merchant accounts to receive payments and transfer them
• Converting electronic money into virtual money (Bitcoin, etc.)


bitpos. me
Benefits or differentiators

Global payment systems, transfers, deposits, multicurrency-cryptocurrency cards, with reference to the phone number and account. Remote account opening. Legal and physical persons.
One office (single center) - a global marketplace without borders. Internet promotion. Work on the service of providing payment instruments and financial services in a MODERN sense.

Stages of financing
1. Organizational number 1 stage (1-3 months)
This stage includes the following expense items:
• Creating a PSP company (registration, license, etc.) * - € 26,950
• VAT registration * - € 1,000
• Registration Free Zone companies * - € 7,500
• Banking software license for 120 days ** - € 16,290 (subscription fee)
• AML / CFT module *** until December 2018 - € 3,500
• Courier services **** * - € 1,000
• Notary services and apostille ***** - € 1,500
• Travel expenses ***** - € 3,000
• Fixed expenses for three months **** - € 38,280 (according to the table)
• Registration BIC (SWIFT ) ***** - € 3,000
• Registration FATCA ***** - € 3,000
• unforeseen expenses ***** - € 10,000
Total: € 115,020 of
• non-cash: € 55,240
• cash: € 38,280
• funds on the card: € 21,500
* non-cash transfer to registrars by invoice
** non-cash transfer of the company to the developer Probanx by invoice
*** non-cash transfer of the company to the ComplayAdvatage developer by invoice
**** cash according to the report to the contractor
***** card according to the report to the contractor
2. Startup No. 2 stage (4-6 months)
This stage includes the following expense items:
• Opening an account at a payment service provider in the Czech Republic * - € 1,000
• Opening an account at a payment provider services in Asia (Hong Kong and Indonesia) * - € 1,000
• Co-Branding cards (limits EUR 15,000 / USD 20,000) * - € 15,000
• Fixed costs for three months *** - € 38,280 (according to the table)
• B2B FX exchanger * - € 5,000
• Deposit with the Liquidity aggregator **** - € 20,000
• Advertising (initial) ** - € 30,000
Total: € 110,280 of
• non-cash: € 72,000
• cash: € 38,280
* non-cash transfer to registrars through invoices of the company’s PSP invoice
** non-cash transfer to company-promoter through the accounts of PSP invoice companies
*** cash against the report to the contractor
**** cashless transfer to the liquidity aggregator through PSP accounts of the invoice company
Working capital in company accounts (fiat / crypt) - € 200,000. (4-5 month)
Significantly increase the capabilities and attractiveness of the company's PSP.
The costs (budget) for the main global advertising company EUROPA and ASIA
are € 300,000. (7-12 month)
Options №3 stage (7-9 months) from profit
Additionally, the following options are possible:
• full connection of the company's PSP to SWIFT * - € 30,000;
• opening of an official representative office in Cyprus ** - € 25,000;
• independent processing of physical and virtual cards (including in the MTC) *** - € 20,000
• organization of cash acceptance for customers to replenish their accounts, cards, through an affiliate program **** - € 17,000.
Total: - € 92,000
Loan terms

24 months
Interest rate, %

Type of collateral

The property
Collateral and assets

Dredging Fleet Plant
Business model

Companies of Trade & Trust Group:
1. Trade & Trust Clearing Sweden Kommanditbolag
Place of registration: Sweden
Statutory activity: Management of any client assets
Status: regulated AML / CFT / FATCA / KYC1-KYC2
Registration date: 06/27/2017
Contractual relationship:
• WaveCrest holdings ltd (Gibraltar) - issue of VISA prepaid cards (August 2017)
• BitWala (Germany) - cryptocurrency transactions, withdrawal of funds to bank accounts (August 2017).
• Exmo (United Kingdom) - cryptocurrency exchange (October 2017).
• BitPay - operations in Bitcoin, merchant account in Bitcoin, withdrawal of funds to your own bank account (July 2017).
• Worldclear (New Zealand) - provider of payment solutions USD, EUR (July 2017)
2. Trade & Trust Bank ltd.
Place of registration: Gambia, offshore zone Banjul
Statutory activity: offshore bank License
Status: regulated by AML / CFT (as a member of the group in accordance with the laws of Sweden)
Registration date: 09/04/2013
Contractual relationship:
• ComplyAdvantage (United Kingdom) - supplier of hardware solutions AML / CFT (11/08/2016)
• Probanx ltd (Cyprus) - banking software (September 2016)

3. T&TB ltd - junior partner of Trade & Trust Clearing Sweden Kommanditbolag
Place of registration: Cyprus
Statutory activity: consulting
Status: regulated by AML / CFT (as a member of the group in accordance with the laws of Sweden)
Registration date: 09/20/2016
Contractual relationship:
• T & TB LLC (Cook Islands) - joint participation (partnership agreement) in Trade & Trust Clearing Sweden Kommanditbolag ( August 2017).
4. T&TB LLC is a senior partner of Trade & Trust Clearing Sweden Kommanditbolag
Place of registration: Cook Islands
Statutory activity: consulting
Status: regulated by AML / CFT (as a member of the group in accordance with Swedish law)
Registration date: 08/16/2017
Contractual relationship:
• T&TB ltd (Cyprus) - joint participation (partnership agreement) in Trade & Trust Clearing Sweden Kommanditbolag (August 2017).
Solution (Product or Service)

Documents in electronic form are sent to lawyers for verification.
If everything is in order, then the documents are sent to lawyers in Georgia.
Formation of a company is 1 week before it is entered in the register.
Lawyers provide a second director on the Georgian side. This "nominee" director is responsible for opening bank accounts and fulfills the requirement that at least one board member resides in Georgia 14 days a month.
This step also includes the entire installation of documents (AML manuals, business plans, application documents, licensing documents, general corporate information documents, leasing office space and providing lease agreements, description of compliance with requirements, use of software, payment infrastructure, etc. . d.).
All documents must be in Georgian (legal requirement for filing an application).
The application is sent to the National Bank of Georgia.
Usually the first reply occurs after 30 business days.
If something needs to be fixed or is required additionally, lawyers do it. After 30 days, the final approval.
Lawyers will receive issued licenses / permits.
The second director in Georgia opens bank accounts and sends all codes, credit cards, online banking in sealed envelopes using courier services.
Creation of an internal policy, which should be set within the first 4-6 months in addition to the previous documents after the license was issued by the National Bank of Georgia.
All documents must be prepared in Georgian.
A / Domestic policy should cover the following issues:
• the organizational structure of the company and clearly defined responsibilities of employees;
• distribution of responsibilities and adequate internal control mechanisms;
• money laundering and terrorist financing policies;
• Comprehensive and well-documented operational and technical procedures;
• information security measures;
• financial statements and audit procedure;
• an effective system for collecting and processing statistical data;
• incident recording system.
B /. Security and integrity transaction fee. The provider must have a payment scheme, a risk management procedure.
FROM /. The service provider must provide its hardware, software and other hardware for reliable operation.
D /. Have a proper system for recording incidents.
E /. A payment service provider in a scheme that ensures proper functioning should have:
a) rules and procedures that will be clearly defined by the service provider, outsourcing company, agent, retail / service outlets and other rights and obligations of users;
b) procedures for ensuring the continuity of payment services, security and reliability procedures aimed at force majeure situations and special control and process control measures that are covered by the system and platform (both at the internal and external levels - agent / outsourcing) ;
c) the activity of a payment service - monitoring of a weak and inefficient analysis of the parties and measures to eradicate them;
d) payment services for expected risk identification, management and monitoring procedures.
F /. Policy against money laundering, as well as verification of customer identification
G /. Supervisory Board
What is included:
• company;
• all documentation;
• licensing;
• bank accounts;
• office address, etc .;
• applicable VAT;
• remote formation of the company;
• Power of Attorney (POA) for organizing a company without a trip to Georgia;
• Power of Attorney (POA) to run the application and all correspondence;
• Permanent correspondence with the National Bank of Georgia;
• Registration address of the office during the first year;
• Declaration of owner / owner;
• Appointment of a director (s);
• Setting up an existing business plan;
• AML directories;
• All preparatory work before the launch of the license;
• Launch application / ongoing support;
• Translation of all documents (required for the licensing procedure);
• Translation of foreign personal documents from English into Georgian;
• Appointment of an accountant;
• Appointment of a second (nominee) director;
• Two (2) full bank accounts (with IBAN in Georgia) for the company. Banks are affiliated with SWIFT and IBAN / BIC.
The risks

Inadequate funding for a global advertising company.
Conducting dubious operations falling under the section of legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism.
Invention / Patent

Development of processing crypto assets with API binding

https://ttb-plat.com/support /

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