Andre Zolty
Andre Zolty was Barr’s go to man in Switerzland.

To hide the name of one of his clients, lawyer André Zolty, also registered with the Geneva Bar, used an even more drastic method: he was apparently the source of false documents.


McIntyre first got into this side-business when she was working as a secretary for a Toronto lawyer in the early 1990s. Her boss approached her and asked her if she wanted to make extra money by signing documents, and introduced her to a Swiss lawyer named Andre Zolty, she said in her deposition.
Zolty would send documents for McIntyre’s signature and she would return them.
Zolty has come up repeatedly in the nine-month long Panama Papers investigation as he registered 895 offshore corporations through Mossack Fonseca.
De Grandpré Chait, the Montreal law firm that represented Zolty in Canada, told the Star that they made verifications over the years and determined Zolty "had an irreproachable reputation."
Yet in 2010, Zolty was identified by name as "the primary source of the nominee entities and false documents" by U.S. federal attorney Wifredo Ferrer during a criminal trial for massive tax evasion.
Two years later, the Associated Press reported that Zolty was under "investigation in Switzerland and other countries for the alleged laundering of money from illicit drug sales." He was subsequently cleared by Swiss and New York police.
Zolty did not respond to a request for comment for this story.

Oct 2012

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