Registered in Hong Kong is CTM-Media, upps of course we mean WestCom Limited with MarvinTrade there:

Yes, an address in Germany is also given;
Eichelsdorfer Str. 129
97461 Hofheim in Lower Franconia
(Here we will see who lives in this apartment building.)
And you get all that on the Marvin-Trade website;

Well ok, as a professional broker, you should act professionally and not tell the future "victim" on the home page that the "septic tank" is still being worked on. Yes it smells tremendous.
And here are the exact dates according to their imprint:

Yes, of course the company is registered in Hong Kong, but one should differentiate, because this broker is not regulated in Hong Kong, meaning your coal is down the drain either way. And let's all hope that a person related to Marvin-Trade lives at the address in Hofheim. If not, the booth closes faster than the website can be completed.
CTM-Media naturally acts as a "pinz65" -Refferal
Conclusion: stay away from it, unless you have too much money left and want to get rid of it. Then of course you are at the right place.
Update from 07.01.2016 / 10.005 am
The construction of the website now seems to have been completed for a long time. An address has now been added in the Balearic Islands.
Marvin Management SL
Service and Support for
"WestCom Limited"
Gremi Fusters 33
07009 Palma de Mallorca - EspaƱa
+34 971 145 018
these address variations are also different in name:
CALLE GRAN VIA PUIG CASTELLET (SANTA PONSA), 1 - 07184 CALVIA (Baleares) (see Festival Ivestment SL)
Lt. the Spanish authorities have been given a slightly different address for them:
C / Gremi Fusters 32 2 11 - Poligono Son Castello 07009 - (Palma De Mallorca) - Balears, Illes
And exactly at this address, the warning lamps light up red for us. Mario Emmerich and Carpanzano Vincenzo are two well-known names in the scam scene that can be associated with this address. Too many address names can make you dizzy.
Both also maintain the following company:
Festival Investment Sl
C / - 1 BL.1 (CALVIA)
Since there is still a construction company on board, I am currently checking to what extent everything is going right there.

All trading funds are transferred to this account holder. Well meal, then you can throw your coals in the gulli. If you have not woken up yet, you will get under your wheels and shipwreck at the latest.

Update from 02/18/2017 / 02/16
For the cause Mario Emmerich and Carpanzano Vincenzo as well as their new works the Marvin-Bank in Gambia with predominant field of activity in Germany - Austria - Switzerland as well as the pit coin currency "We Go Crypto" MarvinCoin and the lacking official approvals to be active in Europe at all soon there will be a somewhat longer report here on Burrenblog.
I hereby give a clear warning about the projects of these two men mentioned above. Any investment is doomed to lose. Attention be careful!

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