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Software Published on September 3rd, 2015 | by John Kane 1 Marvin Trade Marvin Trade is a binary options managed account trading service by WestCom Limited. The developers of the software claim they’ve been operating since March 3rd 2015 providing automatic trading with a proven success rate of over 75%. Today I will be providing a review and getting all the specifics about this managed account service. Marvin Trade Review It’s really quite difficult to understand how the Marvin Trade system works considering half of the sales page is in German. They spend quite a bit of time outlining how to sign up for the service properly but they don’t really provide us with any real proof or strategic discussion. They claim that in the last 9000 trades that they have proven accuracy rate of around 90%. Sadly, it is not proven anywhere on the website and this information from the FAQ contradicts with their claims of hitting 75% ITM since March, which they make in the PDF and other parts of the website.