Clip source: MediBank AG

Former directors
  • Stephan Häberle
  • Jürgen Kob
  • Jacqueline Krämer

29 May 2015
MediBank AG, in Zug, Schweizer Handelsregister CHE-107.950.819, public limited company (SHAB No. 75 of 21 April 2015, Publ. 2108827). Retired persons and extincited signatures: Kob, Jürgen, German national, in Risch, authorized representative, with collective procura for two; Häberle, Stephan, from Lucerne, in Richterswil, Director, with collective signature of two; Krämer, Jacqueline, von Dübendorf, in Neuheim, deputy director, with collective signature for two. Day Register No. 6444 of 29 May 2015 / Schweizer Handelsregister CHE-107.950.819 / 02184065