A tear down of Probanx a Cyprus based provider of digital banking software by ASX listed Isignthis in Oct 2018 and promoted as servicing 15 prudently regulated banking institutions around the globe.
20 Feb 2020 Probanx twitter thread 4:
22 Feb 2020 Probanx twitter thread 5:

Gambian fake banks
In early Dec 2019, OCCRP released a series of articles covering the ‘fake’ Gambian offshore banking sector. Well worth a read, starting with this article occrp.org/en/29leaks/fancy-gambian-paper

More than 150 worthless shells were flogged into the market of these 17 fake Gambian banks managed to obtain SWIFT codes.
Turns out half of those fake banks that were able to secure a SWIFT code were either a customer of Probanx’s software or they shelf companies pre-packaged by Probanx for sale.

Globecap Fincorp
Globecap Fincorp An amateur cluster of paper shells, badly designed websites holding out to be a leading US and UK investment banking group.

Wanfuteng Bank