1 March 2019
This afternoon I was sent a link to a few reddit threads on /rquadrigaCX discussing issues that Quadx members have been having with a group presenting themselves as "Legacy Benefit Holdings" the notes below are in specific response to the following post as extracted below. I haven't collected all the data on the people but suffice to say its all part of an orchestration.
This is an update from my previous post:https://www.reddit.com/r/QuadrigaCX/comments/ab7tq3/depositing_a_wire_to_quadrigacx_over_a_month_and/

I made contact with the owner of Legacy Benefit Holdings and he has this to say about the current funding nightmare,
" The moral to the story is 2 things I am Legacy Benefit Holdings Limited of Taiwan, I own LBH of UK but has nothing to do with this transaction mess, second, I want everyone to post that i am trying to reach out to everyone who made a deposit to Legacy Benefit Holdings Limited Taiwan please Contact David Stafford at david.stafford@email.com so they can be refunded. "
So there it is. Contact David Stafford via the above email and he will help you receive your missing funds.
**Update 2/5/2019 from David
"all wires have been deducted my the escrow account and will be released on the 11th and 12th from the M

  • There is no company (or branch office) registered in Taiwan named "Legacy Benefit Holdings Limited".
  • Taiwanese company entities are not represented as "Limited" (see links at end). For a entity to operate in Taiwan that is a 'Limited" company it would have to be a branch office and no company has registered as a branch office in Taiwan.
  • The address "Rm 605 Sec 01, E-Road, Nanjing, Taipei, Taiwan, 10444 " is an incomplete address, there is no number or street address. At best there may be a mail forwarding service but it appears unlikely.
    • Anyone can run a query using this link

UK Company
  • Incorporation - Legacy Benefit Holdings (UK) Limited was only incorporated in July 2018, it has no trading history and without doubt will never file any further documents with Company House, once it fails to lodge accounts it will be automatically struck off from the register.
  • Address - The company has no operations in the UK the address provided "Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX" is a low cost virtual office / mail drop service
  • Shareholders - There are 4 shareholder listed;
    • Diana Flecter (Canadian), Katsuyoshi Iwangan (Japanese), David Anthony Stafford (Irish)
      • each stating they live in Taiwan (but clearly none of them do as there are no operations there).
      • Each hold 10k Class A Shares. There is no information on how the Class A shares are different to the ordinary shares (held by Legacy Benefit)
      • None of the shares are paid up (this means that none of the shareholders have paid for their shares),
    • Legacy Benefit Holding Limited (with the fake Taiwan address)
      • Holds 10k Ordinary shares - again they are not paid up.
      • However, Legacy is named as person with significant control/influence which confirms the Class A shares are subordinate in ranking and rights to the ordinary shares.

  • Seychelles is a well known tax haven for dirty money and shady business. Why is this important? Because Legacy Benefit Holding Limited is actually a company incorporated in Seychelles.
    • The address;
    • "30 Ansuya Drive Victoria Republic of the Seychelle" is again an incomplete address. In any event the correct address would be just as useless as it is most likely to be an opaque mail drop address used by hundreds of other companies.
  • The UK company and Taiwan address are purely cosmetic additions. Like putting lipstick on a pig. Except with a pig you can still tell its a pig, its just a bit prettier.

  • Chasing a few breadcrumbs I've been able to find quite a few connected websites and domains (there are a few new names that pop up....more on that tomorrow)
  • The screenshot below is of one of the identified websites and a good example of the trail scammers tend to leave behind.
  • This one page provides alot of additional information/data;
    • domain - lbihc.com (which connects to a number of others....more on that tomorrow)
    • Address - This time a HK address (again incomplete) and phone number
    • Language - The biggest flag/insight is provided by the map. It appears that whoever put the site together may in fact be in Czech republic.