Remember when #merlin was telling his shareholders that they would have the funds back safe and sound in a jiffy? As predicted it was total bullshit. Now #bitfinex are thowing a hail mary seeking discovery from #tcabank which of course isn't a bank. Its only a lazy $300m.

Underpinning their legal crusade is the attached letter from a fake bank signed by a former minion confirming the funds in a twice removed unrelated company. When I first read the wiz's affidavit - it was almost perfect. I mean perfectly fucked

tbh I was unable to imagine a scenario not only more incompetent and problematic to recover your funds but more red flags than a communist rally. I was so wrong...if this was a book it would be awesome.

Ive had a blossoming #bromance with #davidstafford of #tcabank for quite a while. I mean who wouldn't be curious about a mysterious irishman worth a zillion dollars living in tiawan with canadian and japanese flatmates and what an amazing wordsmith.

Being the main man I would have thought it would #davidstafford that would be central to the discovery process. Perhaps they havent been able to find him? tbh I havent heard from him since I asked him why his emails were originating from kentucky.

Turns out #Davidstafford is an alias for Stacy Allen Taylor. to be fair it would be a bit tough to pretend to be a banker after 45 months in the big house for selling pills online, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, and various conspiracy counts.

What an insult. Not only collored and extradited from hk for trumped up charges but collusion across agencies to reneg on the immunity awarded by the Attorney General for your service to the #CIA risking your life to going deep undercover to steal the IRA's laundered money.

A bit of a mudmap of the parties involved in the proposed recovery of the $300m . Seems like a sure bet. A few more goodies to post tomorrow #bitfinex#tcabank#davidstafford#cryptocapital#crazylikeacuckoo

Rolling in the moola Nov/Dec 2018.

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