i-Global product recommendation and signing ceremony

2015-05-08 CDC Finance
After 9 months of preparation and establishment, the i-Global Investment-Link Trust Deposit (MPFA), a registered capital of Hong Kong, has been set up to meet the needs of various high net worth clients such as investment, retirement, tax planning and inheritance functions. I-Global Investment Linked Trust Deposit ("i-Global Trust"), which was released in Hong Kong on April 30, 2015, will be officially launched to global high net worth customers. "I-Global Trust" is the trustee of the Legacy Trust Company; Marathon Capital is its trustee and Global Asset Inc Limited is its trust adviser and investment manager with a well-rounded product structure to protect its clients' personal assets.
The press conference was held at the Hong Kong World Trade Center. Mr. Wang Guanxiong, CEO of i-Global brought the product launch. He stressed that "i-Global provides investors with an integrated investment pipeline, eliminating the need for multiple investment platforms. Extreme, strict investment risk control procedures, has been committed to innovation, making i-Global to a place in the highly competitive fund market. " Meanwhile, Mr. Douglas Wilson, representative of Marathon, Mr. David Nesbitt, representative of Legacy Trust and Mr. Zhu Genli, director of i-Global all made wonderful speeches. Among them, Mr. Zhu Genli, i-Global's director, introduced the future profit target of i-Global Trust as a top fund manager. The hope is that i-Global Trust, an innovative financial product, will provide Asia Pacific and global customers with a more forward-looking, more professional, more stable and sustainable investment, retirement, retirement and retirement savings. Tax planning and heritage platform.
Since then, the signing ceremony of the grandiose global strategic cooperation organization has also been held on the scene of the conference: "i-Global Trust" signed a signing ceremony with Mark D. Cassin, chief investment officer of BleuGuava Investment Ltd, acting agency of the European Strategic Cooperation Agency; Mr. Xi Weizhou, Executive Director of Investment Advisory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., signed the agent power of attorney for the Greater China Strategic Advisory Services Agency; and Mr. Lu Hai, Chairman of Henan Dawen Enterprise Management Consultants Co., Ltd., and Mr. Xun Wensheng, Director of the Company, signed the agent of Greater China Strategic Cooperation Agency Power of Attorney; and respectively signed a strategic cooperation power of attorney with Mr. Chen Yongjin, representative of IBS Holding Limited, Mr.Derek Leung, the representative of I Trading Investment, and Sri Kalvin Chong, CSP Venture Sdn Bhd. Multi-party deep strategic alliance cooperation, marking a new era of financial investment coming.
(The photo shows i-Global Trust's behind-the-scenes contributors: David Nesbitt, Left Legacy, Mr. Wang Guanxiong, i-Global CEO, Left Douglas Wilson, Marathon Left, Mr. Zhu Genli, i-Global, D. Cassin, Frank J. Nagels, Senior Investment Manager, Synthesis 2, Gunnar Jarv, Third Marathon)
(Mr. Zuo Yi Chen Yongjin, second left Derek Leung, left third Mark D. Cassin fourth left Dato Kalvin Chong, right one Xun Wensheng, right second Mr. Xi Weizhou, right third Mr. Zhu Genli, right four Mr. Wang Guanxiong)
(The photo shows Greater China Strategic Cooperation and Consulting Services Representatives, Mr. Liu Jianmin, Mr. Zuo Wei, Mr. Wei Wei Chau, Mr. Right, Mr. Wenjie Right, Mr. Wenzheng Right)
The conference attracted the attention and participation of a number of senior financial executives around the world. Their arrival added more exciting activities to the conference. The scene is invited to the famous Luxembourg Fund Synthesis investment senior manager Mr.Frank J. Nagels delivered a wonderful speech, with a forward-looking international financial perspective for everyone to interpret the advent of i-Global Trust will bring more revenue to global investors may Sex.
Wonderful scene, applause everywhere. Finally, all participants congratulated i-Global Trust on its official launch.
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